Periphery as a Gift  || Don de la periferia

Pablo Avendaño 

Don de la periferia - Pablo Avendaño



[Periphery as a Gift]

Pablo Avendaño

[Short stories & Visual works]

2017 | 112 p. | 23 x 20.5 cm 
Bilingual edition Spanish/English

ISBN 978-84-943231-8-8

Price 18 €

Don de la periferia [Periphery as a Gift] is a collection of microstories and visual art pieces by Pablo Avendaño.


The feeling of being ‘offstage’, of knowing neither where one should be nor where the course of things is decided, is a widespread experience in our contemporary societies. References are lost. The ground moves. All the more in the artist’s life, exposed to ephemeral, often contradictory imperatives. 


A free act is accepting such ‘acentrality’ as a gift. When topographic marks disappear, we live with the fact that change is not just inevitable but the only certain thing. We can still come to terms with our condition.


Sheer contemporaneity, therefore, in these pieces with which the author debuts in literary practice. The talent for observation, a rich intertextuality and the penetrating sense of irony will surprise the reader.  


Pablo Avendaño


Pablo Avendaño (San Sebastián, Spain, 1971) has developed his visual artist career based in Brussels for two decades. He exhibits his work regularly in Europe, United States and China, with a presence at events like Miami Bridge Art Fair, Shanghai International Arts Festival, SCOPE Basel Art Show, Apertura Madrid or galleries such as Martine Ehmer in Brussels and RL Fine Arts in New York. He was a lecturer at Centre Wolubilis and a jury member in several art awards. Since 2016 he lives in Madrid.


Over the years, his work has shifted towards media combination (painting, photography, objects) and the narrative image. Now he goes one step further into the microstory genre.


‘Lacking a definite formula to characterize my work, I tried crossover expressions such as “road paintings” or “pictorial thrillers.” My texts share this spirit. A sort of “frontier narrative” for turbulent times.’





Radio 3 • 30.06.2017 | Interview in Spanish National Radio (Radio 3) «Hoy empieza todo

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Madrid • 22.06.2017 | Eugenio Trías Library (Retiro Park) 

Vigo • 12.07.2017 | Rayuela Bookshop

Bruselas • 14.12.2017 | Martine Ehmer Art Gallery

Madrid • 15.02.2018 | Café del Cosaco